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bengleman's Journal

Bruce Middlebrook
12 February 1987
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Yo! I'm Bruce, or B, or Brooski but not Brucie cuz that sucks.

I go to the university of London where I study econometrics. I like to drink and drink and drink the day away and I smoke like a chimney pot with a burning desire for lung cancer; but hey, that's okay because you can pump as much crap as you want into your body until the age of 25 without consequences and I'm only 21 (You just know that the eve of my 25th birthday I'm going to have a breakdown) besides, living is overrated! Bleh- what else to say about me, I'm blatantly chavy, but like, not by choice, more by like of money- I'm bi but atm i'm single- I can cook cuz I'm well cool like that obviously and I play rugby cuz... yeh.. it's rugby bitch!

dave: "your my little lobster!!"
bruce: "dave im not a fucking lobster!"

"show that fucking kiwi hus boss!!"

me, being dumb: "bex, im coming to the realisation that 17 is nearer to 18 than 15"

bruce: "i wish we had notes like dollars, they look so cool!"
bex: "wat did u say....i wish we had noses like dogs, they look so cool???"

"oh my god look at all the pigeons!"
"bruce, their sea gulls you idiot"
"but were nowhere near the sea?!"